Thursday, January 20, 2011

Summer Flowering Bulbs List of Plants

Achimenes,Summer Flower Bulb

* Achimenes
Achimenes also known as Widow's Tears,Magic Flowers,Hot Water Plant or Cupid's Bower.Achimenes in the flowering plant family Gesneriaceae.The kind Achimenes is native to North America (Mexico) and Central America, with one species (A. erecta) occurring naturally in the West Indies.Several species and hybrids are vastly cultivated and naturalized outside their native range.

Summer Flower Bulb,Gladiolus callianthus,Acidanthera
* Acidanthera
Gladiolus callianthus is Botanical name for Acidanthera . Acidanthera can height up to 3.5 feet tall.

Summer Flower Bulb,Agapanthus
* Agapanthus
Agapanthus is a type of herbaceous perennials.
Agapanthus is usually known as "Lily of the Nile".
All of the Agapanthus species are native to South Africa from the cape to the Limpopo River.10 Species of Agapanthus is(Agapanthus africanus,Agapanthus campanulatus ,Agapanthus caulescens,Agapanthus coddii,Agapanthus comptonii,Agapanthus dyeri,Agapanthus inapertus,Agapanthus nutans,Agapanthus orientalis,Agapanthus praecox ,Agapanthus walshii)

* Amaryllis belladonna
Also recognized belladonna Lily or Naked Lady

* Anemone coronaria or windflower

* Babiana or Baboon Flower
* Begonia
* Bletilla striata
* Calla lilies (Calla palustris)
* Camassia
* Cannas Flower Bulbs
* Colocasia or Elephant Ear Bulbs
* Crinum or Swamp lily
* Crocosmia
* Dahlia
* Eremurus
* Eucomis or Pineapple Lily
* freesia bulbs
* Galtonia candicans
* Gladiolus
* Gloriosa or Flame Lily
* Hemerocallis or Daylilies
* Hymenocallis or Summer Daffodil
* Liatris or Gayfeather
* Lilium or lilies
* Ornithogalum or Chincherinchees
* Oxalis
* Ranunculus
* Sparaxis corms
* Tigridia or Mexican Tiger Flower
* Zantedeschia is also called Calla Lily
* Zephyranthes

Summer Flower Bulb